Louix Dor Dempriey is a spritual master. What makes so special is that he is western, and that his teachings are so accessible and down to earth. 

If you have not had the opportunity to go to one of his events, or attend his live online broadcasts, you are truly missing out. His website Louix.org has tons of great content, and the new Louix.tv that is launching in February/March 2016, is a free membership site with access to even more meditations, videos, and other cool content to help you on your journey to self-discovery.

I don’t know about you, your beliefs, or your background, but there is something really cool about this spiritual being, unlike anything I have seen before. Expecially having attended some of his events and retreats that are out of this world… literally!

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InstaBuilder 2

If you know anything about making money online, and you use WordPress, then you should have already heard about InstaBuilder, a wordpress plugin that help you track and builder sales pages. Well, they are coming out with version 2. A completely rebuilt plugin that blows it competition out of the water… literally! Check out this video for more details…


InstaBuilder 2.0 features a fully visual drag and drop editor and allows you to create sales pages, optin pages, webinar pages with ease, and with the pro version you can manage your entire sales funnel. Yes… that is correct with split-testing and all.

If there was one factor that can make or break any online business, that is your sales funnel. It is what determines and helps you increase your potential  ROI per lead and literally makes all the difference going from rags to riches.

Now of course traffic is critical… but if you cannot convert that traffic, and you do not have a funnel that takes your leads, converts them to buyers, and then offers products or services (your own or others) of increasing value, or to augment your initial offer, you are literally leaving money on the table. Period.

If you would like more information about sales funnels, InstaBuilder Reviews, and other related information then make sure to check out this website. You will be glad that you did.

Sales Funnels

Most of us know Pareto’s Principle or the 80/20 rule as it’s better know. An estimated 80% of your revenues come from 20% of your customers. But what does working the 20 percent mean?

You can identify where each prospect is in their buy/sell process with you by managing your sales funnel. Remember not all of your prospects that start out in the top of the funnel will make it to the bottom, they are not suppose to. The percent of those who make it through the different parts of your process determines your conversion rate.

There are specific steps within your funnel that should move a prospect closer to building a relationship along with trust, one step at a time.

A great resource article about sales funnels

To make sure you are managing your sales funnel, take these following steps:

  1. Create a system for your sales process. Give some thought to this by answering questions such as, “What happens when a lead calls in?”, “What marketing material do we send to interested prospects?”, “How do we follow up on sales inquiries?”
  2. Chart the prospects and where they are in the sale process. This way at any given moment, you know where your prospects are in your sales cycle.
  3. Identify the steps of your funnel. Define all the steps you and your sales team take from the time your process begins all the way until the deal is closed. It’s better to have to many sales steps than not enough
  4. Make sure that your sales steps match your target market’s buying steps. If your target market primarily uses the internet, make sure you have a strong website. Make it easy for them to buy. If you are requiring prospects to jump through hoops that they could find tedious, you could be losing out on sales.
  5. What’s “moment of truth” in your sales funnel? Identify your own moment of truth in sales process. Too many business owners who are also their own sales people spend way too much time chasing prospects that are not interest, the 80%. Instead, I recommend that you focus your time on the one’s that are, the 20%. Understand when to hold them and when to fold them.
  6. Measure your conversion rate. Implement Key Performance Indicators. KPI measurement’s for the conversion rate from lead to sale. Also, consider additional indicators that measure other conversion rates in your sales process.

By knowing where your customers are in the sales process, and the conversion rate, through each step, will help you identify area’s that could use some improvement.

What we have found, is a great system for building, tracking, and testing sales funnels from start to finish, is Clickfunnels. It easily beats all other systems by far saving you tons of money and time with its revolutionary drag and drop interface allowing you to build any type of funnel pages that you want with ease.

Check out the Reviews on Clickfunnels to learn more about sales funnels, and also how you can get free access to Clickfunnels along with some exclusive bonuses.

Check out the full playlist of Clickfunnels Review videos.