Alien Abduction Lego Set: Explore the world of the Alien Conquest theme with this fun and engaging Lego set that includes a light-up UFO and minifigures.

Alien Abduction Lego Set

This is a great set from the Alien Conquest theme in 2011. The UFO actually lights up and can “abduct” a human minifigure. It features a farmer, alien defense unit soldier and an alien pilot. 211 pieces. Ages 7-14. This is a fun set to add to any Lego collection.

Farmer with Pitchfork

The farmer has a pitchfork and he’s not afraid to use it when bad people tread on his land. This is a great little weapon in the game that does what it is supposed to do: collect hay efficiently and quickly.

Thadd and Dantz raise their pitchforks defensively when Link wears the Radiant Armor set with the Disguise set bonus, Phantom Equipment armor set, or Tingle’s Outfit armor set near them. They also raise their pitchforks when a bear or stalhorse is near them.

This little set is a fun addition to the Alien Conquest theme. It includes three Lego minifigures; a hapless farmer who looks like he could wield his pitchfork with ninja power and an ADU soldier ready to blast the alien space ship with a flick missile. The UFO itself has a neat light power function that can be activated to represent an illuminated tractor beam. You can even land on the hapless farmer and take him prisoner in its abduction function!

Alien Defense Unit Soldier

The alien defense unit soldier is on a mission to stop the UFO as it tries to abduct the farmer. Fire the flick missiles before the alien grabs the hapless farmer and spins him into space! This set is a good choice for kids who want to battle aliens and save the day.

The LEGO Alien Conquest theme is a 2011 series of science fiction sets that is the successor to the Space Police line. It has a strong B-Movie feel and plays heavily on sci-fi cliches and tropes. It also throws back to Classic LEGO Space in its bright blue color scheme.

The set includes a minifigure of an alien defense unit soldier who is preparing for the alien invasion. It also comes with a UFO that has an illuminated tractor beam and abduction function. The UFO also has a prison pod that can hold one minifigure. The set contains 211 pieces. It is a great addition to the Lego alien collection.

Alien Pilot

The alien pilot is the leader of an alien invasion force and is a key minifigure in this set. The set also includes two road barricades, a UFO with flick missile, and three aliens to battle. The set has a few flat characters, but is still fun to play with for kids.

The droid was created by combining parts from various LEGO sets, including the Space Police line. It has an average-sized head and is armed with a laser gun, which can fire in all directions. Its weapon can be used to fire flick missiles, which can capture and imprison a hapless civilian.

The model of the Space Jockey was shown at the premiere of Alien in Los Angeles, housed at the Egyptian theater. Sadly, it was later destroyed by religious extremists. Fortunately, Ridley Scott returned with Prometheus, radically altering the backstory of the creature.


The UFO (unidentified flying object) has long intrigued science fiction fans, screen writers, conspiracy theorists, and even a few scientists. However, to date there has been no data strong enough to link UAPs with alien life. Fuzzy videos and personal narratives, while entertaining, are not evidence of anything extraordinary.

This set has a lot to offer kids and is worth the purchase if your child loves Lego aliens. The ships light up and have other cool features. Kids will be entranced by this set and will want to create an armada of alien ships.

UFOs are often a central element of conspiracy theories, such as those involving cover-ups by government agencies or secret space programs. They also figure prominently in stories of personal experiences that seem unexplained. Documentation of these kinds of experiences and stories is important. They help explain what the UFO phenomenon meant to 20th century Americans.

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