Virtual Reality Experience of Alien Abduction Arrives in Michigan

Abduction VR Arrives in Michigan

Abduction VR, a virtual reality experience that’s been touring college campuses and impressing crowds at South by Southwest, has finally arrived in Michigan. Participants put on a headset and watch as their friends are prodded and experimented on by bug-eyed aliens.

Abductees often report being shown a child. Some scholars, such as folklorist Thomas E. Bullard, suggest that these children are hybrids of human and alien.


You’ve probably seen it in movies — aliens taking humans into their craft for experimentation. For many abductees, though, it’s more than just a nightmare.

PETA’s experience aims to show people the horror of what it might be like to be abducted. They strap on a virtual-reality headset and watch as other humans are poked and prodded for research. The experience has been traveling to college campuses that house animal laboratories.

Abductees often report a “child presentation.” This involves being shown children that appear neither human nor alien, and are sometimes described as hybrids of both species. This is a common feature of close encounters and alien abductions, according to folklorist Thomas E. Bullard.

Lauren Wexler, the creator of Dinner Party, says that VR is perfect for reliving alien abductions because it blurs the lines between virtual reality and real life. Her goal is to produce a series of experiences that tackle other famous supernatural stories.


The alien abduction simulator is a virtual reality experience that lets users immerse themselves into the body of a character who has just been abducted by an alien. The experience is designed to be a fully immersive cinematic experience, complete with a full-body haptic feedback system.

The abductees often describe a tour of the alien craft, a journey to orbit around Earth or to other planets, and extensive probing and medical testing by the beings who claim to be their abductors. Some abductees even say they have been sexually assaulted or raped by the beings.

One of the first widely reported alien abduction cases was that of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961. Dinner Party is a film that uses virtual reality to tell their story.


The simulated abduction experience uses virtual reality technology that allows users to wear a headset and see in a first-person perspective what it’s like to be abducted by aliens. The experience is available for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Steam platforms.

The experience was created by PETA, a nonprofit that advocates for animal rights. The organization is touring colleges with the experience, which is contained in a van. Its ominous appearance caused concern on campus, where students wondered what the group was trying to accomplish with its bizarre spectacle.

In a typical abduction story, the person or people involved report a loss of time and memory following their alleged abduction. They also claim to have been given tours of their captors’ vessel. In addition, abductees frequently report being subjected to medical testing and probing. They may also be hypnotized. Other abductees report traveling on a journey that appears to orbit around Earth or to other planets.

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From Cyan, the makers of Myst, comes a new science-fiction adventure game for virtual reality. Set in the universe of its predecessors, Myst and Riven, this game features a series of enigmatic alien worlds that combine human and alien elements.

The experience begins with a visit to the house of Betty and Barney Hills, an interracial couple involved in one of the first widely reported alien abductions. The story, which premieres at the Engadget Experience in LA today, tells their abduction as they recalled it through their hypnosis tapes.

Developed by Cyan, the game’s story begins on a cloudy night beside a lake. A strange light in the sky resolves into a seed-like object that immobilizes the player and transports them to an alien world. Within this sphere are small spheres of human environments that players must solve puzzles in to reveal their mysteries. The game is available for Windows-based PCs and the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift systems.

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